Leisure & Recreation
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Most of our time is taken up by things that need to be done, such as social duties (chores, work, school), and bodily needs (eating, sleeping)

Our leisure time is the remaining time, where we can do as we please.

Lots of people spend their leisure time doing some kind of recreation – something you do in your leisure time because you want to.

Sport                                    Recreation

More competition               Not competitive

Rules                                    Set your own rules

Aim is to win                        Done for fun



Leisure time is increasing due to:

1. Less working time – working week is shorter, holidays are longer

2. Retiring earlier – more people taking early retirement

3. More unemployment – due to more jobs being taken over by machines

4. Machines helping with household chores – washing machines, vacuums


As people’s leisure time increases, so does the demand for facilities and services. There has been a big growth in the leisure industry in recent years due to this.


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