Women in Sport
Quick revise

Women used to be discouraged from taking part in sports becuase:

1. Physical activity was something done only by men, and it made women look unattractive

2. Women could harm themselves by taking part in too much activity

3. Women had to wear respectable clothing that covered their bodies, meaning playing sport was very uncomfortable.

4. Women should look after the home and the children, so they didn’t have time or energy to play sport.

Attitudes have changed for the better. More and more women are playing sport, because they are not being held back. Local authorities have women only evenings at gyms and pools as an incentive for women to take part. Women’s football is now the fastest growing sport in UK.

However, women’s sport still tends to have a lower profile because:

1. Too many sports are still considered male only

2. Women are often not allowed to compete with men, even in snooker, where physical factors are not relevant

3. Poor media coverage

4. Less sponsorship

5. Less prize money

6. Fewer role models


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