Acquisition of Skill

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A skill is something you learn to do, you can’t be born with it.

Skills can be either basic or complex

Basic Skill

  • e.g. Running, jumping, throwing
  • Can be transferable across many activities
  • Tend to be learnt at an early age

Complex Skill

  • More specific to certain sport, like taking a penalty in football
  • Take more practice to master, and have more room for improvement
  • Skills can also be open or closed

Open Skills

These are affected by external factors, such as where the ball is, where the goal is etc.

Closed Skills

These are hardly affected by the environment, as the same movements are usually made, like in darts the same movement is made.


This is the most important part of the learning process. Your brain looks at the result of the output, and registers the information to enable you to do better next time.There are 3 main ways of getting feedback:

1. Intrinsic – you can feel how you kicked the ball

2. Extrinsic – you get verbal feedback off a coach, teacher or friend

3. You can see the output. How successful was it? Did it go where I aimed it?

Skills Video

Here is a video explaining an overview of why skill is important in a performance and how we recognise this.