Meaning of Miracles

Quick revise
  • In Mark’s Gospel, Jesus performs many different types of miracle to demonstrate the nature of Jesus.
  • Jesus performs miracles to show that he has God’s power over nature and physical and mental illness.
  • He also shows that it is necessary to have faith in order for a miracle to
  • The occurrence of miracles does not lead to faith.It does not matter whether Christians believe the miracles really happened in a supernatural sense.

A miracle is simply an event that is not explicable in a normal way.

  • Today, some scientists say there is a logical explanation for every miracle, but most believers do not search for a reason.
  • The miracle accounts, and what Jesus teaches about faith, are part of the Gospel writer’s Good News. They tell the reader about the person Jesus.

Miracles can be thought of in three dimensions:

Terras is the awe and wonder, the amazement, with which onlookers regarded miracles.

Dynamis is the power that was displayed.

Semeion is the meaning, which may be apparent to the healed and those witnessing the event.