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  • Drug: A substance that can alter a person’s mind and/or body system.
  • Social Drugs: Taken as part of social events, some are legal, others are not.
  • Physical Addiction to Drugs: Where a person physically needs the drug.
  • Psychological Addiction to Drugs: Where a person only thinks they need the drug.

Heroin, Crack and Crystal Meth are the most harmful drugs to an individual. However, Alcohol, Heroin and Crack Cocaine are the most harmful to society.

All drugs are placed into an ABC class, which can help to determine how dangerous a drug is when used. These drugs, often are illegal, instead of the legal drugs which are shown to the right. Despite being so dangerous, people still take them, below are a few reasons why.

Doping (Performance Enhancing Drugs)

Some athletes use performance enhancing drugs such as Anabolic Steroids (a Class C drug), this can be considered a form of cheating and when taken, there is no sense of accomplishment if you achieve something. It tends to be unfair for other competitors and both Mike Powell and Kelly Holmes agree with the fact that you can become motivated to win without the use of such drugs.

Reasons why people Drink Alcohol:

  • Enjoy being under the influence of alcohol.
  • Influenced by peer pressure.
  • Pubs and nightclubs are good places to meet socially.

Reasons why people Smoke Tobacco:

  • Feel as though they need to smoke, in order to relax.
  • Their friends all smoke.
  • They believe that it makes them more of a person.

Reasons why people take Illegal Drugs:

  • They were tricked into taking them.
  • They help with a crisis in their life.
  • They mix with people who take/deal drugs.
  • Example of how a drug might affect the users mind: would be depression, confusion and restlessness (Crack Cocaine)
  • Example of how a drug might affect the body would be liver conditions and accidents that could happen under the influence (LSD).

Some Christian, such as Methodists and the Salvation Army, chose not to drink alcohol because the effects can be harmful. In Islam, alcohol is completely haram because it makes the mind unfit to concentrate on Allah and the duties involved in being a Muslim. Judaism says that alcohol can be consumed in small amounts at festivals and celebrations.

Christians believe in Sanctity of Life and that life is a gift from god, therefore they should respect this life and not damage it by smoking. Many Muslims also agree with this, because smoking would damage the body that Allah gave them.

Religious people, such as Muslims would oppose to illegal drugs because they are going against Gods wishes and damages the human body. Not only is it disrespecting yourself, but also other people who may be surrounding you, such as friends and family.

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