Environmental Problems

Some examples:

  • Pollution (e.g. waste products being pumped into the air, sea, etc.)
  • Global Warming (The greenhouse effect is changing the climate in the world.)
  • Deforestation (destruction of rainforests means less oxygen is produced by the trees.)
  • The Ozone Layer (holes in the ozone layer mean we are not protected by from harmful rays from the sun.)
  • Population Explosion (which stretches the world’s resources.)
  • Use of fossil fuels (not using renewable energy means we are wasting the world’s resources.)
  • Animal and plant extinction (upsetting the balance of nature.)

Christians believe there is enough for everyone provided it is managed properly. Those who have plenty need to understand that they do not have the right to more than a fair share.

A short history of the environment

Could Christians and Hindus make a contribution to the worldwide debate on the environment? Are humans in charge of the world or just God's servants looking after it? Would Hindu belief in the sacredness of all life help the human race as a whole?


Hindus and the environment

This video focuses on the city of Vrindavan, India, the place where Krishna trod the earth. Krishna is described and we are introduced to ISKCON, the International Society for Krishna Consciousness. Their reverence for cows illustrates a positive environmental benefit.


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