Attitude towards Women
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Attitudes in the UK have changed to roles of men and women

  • Women could own property but when they married it passed to the husband. Very few women worked 15% in 1900.
  • Lots of changes in 19th and 20th centuries. Could keep own property when married (1882)
  • Equal Pay Act (1970) and Sex Discrimination Act (1975) gave women full rights.

Why attitudes have changed

  • During the War women had to take on roles men usually did. Showed they did them just as well. More women need to work for homes to afford things.
  • The Suffragettes showed women no longer wanted to be treated badly.

Catholic attitudes - Men and women should have equal roles and rights in society. Do not think this is the case in Church leadership. They point to the fact that Jesus personally nominated Peter to be lead the Church. Only men can be priests.

  • Men and women created on same day (Genesis). Made in God’s image, so equal.
  • Jesus’ closest followers (apostles) were all men and priests follow on from them.

Traditional Protestant – Evangelicals see men and women as having different roles so they can’t be equal in religion. Women bring up children and men provide for the family. Only men are church leaders.

  • St Paul teaches that women should not speak or teach in church
  • Men made before women (Genesis) so they have more rights

Modern Protestants – Men and women fully equal and now have women ministers and priests

  • Jesus treated women as his equal e.g. the Samaritan woman in John.4
  • St Paul said women and men were equal in the eyes of God

An examination of the debate about women priests

This video features Bettany Hughes who outlines the background to the debate on whether women can be priests or bishops. She discusses with Joanna Bogle the argument that women cannot be priests. Next she visits Fr. Scott Brodeur who trains men for the priesthood. He discusses what is shown in St. Paul's letters. He demonstrates the essential role of women in the early Church and the equality of men and women in Christianity. Bettany enters the catacombs of St. Priscilla. Here we are shown the evidence for women as leaders and priests in early Christianity.

Muslim attitudes

Traditional Muslim attitudes

  • Men and women are seen as having different roles in religion and daily life. So they should have different rights. Believe this because…
  • Quran states men must support women as they are stronger
  • Quran states that women were designed to give birth
  • Traditionally only men become Imams
  • Women inherit ½ what men do as pressure is on men to provide for their families

Modern Muslim attitude

  • Men and women are completely equal in religion and education. Believe this because…
  • Quran teaches both are equal
  • Muhammed allowed women into the mosque to worship
  • Early Islam had women religious leaders
  • Women want rights that women have earned in other parts of the world

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