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One of RevisionWorld’s aims is to provide teachers with useful resources that can be used in the classroom, for setting homework or recommended to pupils as additional revision materials.

Teacher Registrations

We are more than happy for teachers, teaching assistants or parents to use or recommend or use our services in the classroom.

This service is FREE but all we ask is that you provide a link to from a page on your school or personal website.

All you need to do is to register with us and then you are licensed to print out, photocopy and use any material from the website for teaching and non-commercial purposes.

We will also keep you informed as the content on the site is updated.

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We have been asked by a number of our teaching members if we provided any promotional materials for schools so they could inform their pupils.

We are pleased to say we now offer A4 and A3 posters (PDF) for schools to download and print out. Alternatively if a school cannot do this and wants to promote RevisionWorld then we can mail posters on request.

Click here to view the A4 RevisionWorld poster (2.7 MB - PDF)

Click here to view the A3 RevisionWorld poster (2.7 MB - PDF)


DOWNLOAD Zones can be found within the TEACHING ZONE for each subject. This is where teaching and learning resources can be downloaded and added.

If you would like to download a resource then click on the relevant attachment at the bottom of the page. You need to be a registered member (FREE) to see these links. Click here to register or log in

If you would like to contribute and share a resource with fellow colleagues then please click here

Student / Pupil Use

As an individual you are authorised to use our materials for free at home or school.

Registration will be required to access all areas of the site but this will remain FREE.

Our Content

RevisionWorld is owned and operated by Emerge Networks Limited. Emerge Networks is a privately owned company set up by teachers which specialises in the development of online communities.

We have a range of dedicated staff members who are here to provide RevisionWorld users with anything they need, whether it is help or support, questions or comments, or just someone to talk to.

Our team of teachers writes’s education materials and we aim to ensure our materials are of the highest standard. We also use videos and other material which is already in the public domain.

Of course materials can always be improved so if you have any great ideas for how we can improve the site feel free to email us by clicking here .

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