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What's happening

New study materials to develop your understanding of the key figures and events which have had historical significance in Russia since 1918, including essay plans.
Section updates include: new notes on characters, acts & themes (supplemented with videos) PLUS essay planning, sample essays, quick-fire quiz!
New study guide containing revision notes on the key historical events which have taken place in Ireland since the 19th century.
Complete new English section containing revision notes on the novel's themes, settings, characters, quotations, context, links to science and sample essays.
Eight key points to remember to aid the revision process and help you put together a plan for your revision.
The top 10 tips to help you relax and sail through your exams
Don't delay preparing for your revision! Begin by creating a timetable (link to all the exam boards)
Learn how to develop a positive frame of mind in preparation for your exams