Education and School


Your teacher is likely to ask you to describe your school in the speaking test. You should learn answers to all the obvious questions: questions about your subjects, the school building itself, the teachers and your plans for after school.

You should realise that you may be tested on your tenses by questions about what you did yesterday at school and what you will do tomorrow. You may also be asked an opinion about your school.

Useful sentences

My favourite subject is chemistry.

Ma matière préferée est la chimie

I am going on an exchange.

Je fais un échange

I hate my school uniform.

Je déteste mon uniforme scolaire.

I learn two languages.

J’apprends deux langues

I am bored at school.

Je m’ennuie au collège.

My school is modern and the teachers are nice.

Mon collège est moderne et les professeurs sont sympathiques.

Last year, I went on an exchange.

L’année dernière j’ai fait un échange.

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