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Sport is everywhere!

1. TV and radio

2. Cable and satellite – pay-per-view events

3. Internet

4. Newspapers and magazines

5. Books and films

6. Mobile technology

Media coverage depends a lot on technology. Apart from making the above forms possible, it also improves things with instant replays, photo finishes, underwater cameras, split times and timings.


  • Money – media companies pay for the rights to show a sport. Sponsorship will increase massively if that sport is popularised by the media
  • Education – people learn about rules and tactics for a sport
  • Role Models – young people aspire to be like these
  • Inspiration – brings sports to people who may not otherwise experience it, which can encourage participation
  • Aid to Coaching – lets you study the performance of others


  • Bias – only the really popular sports get much coverage, so smaller sports don’t get much sponsorship
  • Lack of Attendance- watching it on TV means you re not at the game, which reduces ticket sales.
  • Overload - some think there is too much sport on TV
  • 'Open Season' – stars are hounded by the media
  • Demands to Comply – media impose rules on sports to make them more exciting. Golden goal in football, tie breaks in tennis

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