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Sponsorship exists to give good publicity to the sponsors.

It can fund teams, sports or individuals in part or full. The more famous the sport, team or individual, the higher the sponsor.

There are many different types of sponsorship, for example:

1. Free transport

2. Free accommodation

3. Scholarships

4. Free equipment

5. Free clothes and shoes

6. Event and league paid for

7. Free entrance fee, food, training


Sponsors get a great deal out of sponsorship too

Free advertising – see David Beckham wearing adidas football boots, and you will want a pair

Image – Samsung will become associated with winning e.g. Chelsea football club

Scholarships – some universities offer places to students who excel in certain sport. In return, universities gain prestige for sporting excellence

Tax and hospitality – sponsors don’t usually have to pay tax on the money they spend on sponsorship. They also get free tickets to the event they are sponsoring, which they can use to impress clients or employees


  • Pays for full time sportspeople to train and compete
  • Pays for events and leagues to compete in
  • Promotes the development of up and coming sportspeople


  • Not everyone can get sponsorship, especially if you play an unpopular sport
  • If you get injured, lose your form or get a bad reputation, sponsors could withdraw
  • Abuse of power by associating alcohol and cigarettes with sport. This gives a false image of health

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