Essay Plans

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Click on the links below for examples of plans that can be used when writing an essay on the subject of Post 1945 World History:

  • Question 1 - Were the United Nations' organisational problems inherent from its foundation?
  • Question 2 - To what extent were the actions of the Zionist movement the main cause of the creation of the state of Israel in 1948? 
  • Question 3 - To what extent were Jiang Jieshi’s (Chiang Kai Shek’s) domestic policies successful?
  • Question 4 - Analyse the origins of the European Economic Community
  • Question 5 - Why was it possible to form the European Economic Community but not a European Defence Community?
  • Question 6 - Was the Cold War ‘a conflict between two opposing ideologies’?
  • Question 7 - Why was Germany so important in the East-West confrontation after 1945?
  • Question 8 - Did Marshall Aid save Europe from economic collapse?
  • Question 9 - Assess the reasons for the Cultural Revolution in the 1960s
  • Question 10 - Why did the Cold War in Europe come to an end?