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Here are some examples of plans that can be used when writing an essay on the subject of 19th Century European history:
1. Which was the most important, diplomacy or war, in the course of German Unification between 1862 and 1871?
2. Why was the Second Republic in France replaced by a Second Empire?
3. Were economic and social problems the main reason for the failure of the Revolution in February 1848?
4. Assess the impact of the Continental System on Europe
5. Was Cavour’s diplomacy more important than Garibaldi’s actions in the struggle for Italian Unification?
6. Did the Crimean War have greater repercussions for Western Europe than Eastern Europe?
7. Was improvisation more important than calculation in the Unification of Italy?
8. Why was Napoleon Defeated?
9. To what extent did Napoleon’s reforms during the Consulate apply the principles of the French Revolution? 
10. To what extent were Napoleon III’s economic and social policies successful?
11. Assess the strengths and failings of the 1815 Vienna Settlement